If your looking for a Deal in Ventura County, you are about to enter the best kept secret!
Jimmy's Story
Jimmy Baum  was born and raised in Oxnard California.  As a teenager Jimmy was a real hustler.  He was a sports fanatic.  Jimmy loved basketball and over the years would travel to every end of Ventura County to find a pick-up game.  As the years went on Jimmy fostered many relationships.  Jimmy has the uncanny ability to connect with people and make things happen. He is known in the community as the "GoTo Guy"  if you need something call Jimmy. Jimmy has a large network of friends that happen to be local business owners.  If Jimmy can't hook you up no one will.  When Jimmy gets you a deal or a connection, its the real thing.  Jimmy is very personable but don't double cross him, he takes his reputation very seriously.This is what makes his magic work , if he refers a friend to another friend he wants to make sure all is fair.  Jimmy built the iknowJimmy.com local network to capitalize on years of quality relationship building.  Don't let this fool you,Jimmy gets a nominal finders fee paid by the business owner that is relevant to the sale.  You are guaranteed the best deal in the county. Jimmy stands by his name and stands by the deal!